Interested in working together? That's awesome!

Best to contact my pros to get me in your project or to your local convention.


sbv talent

(323) 938-6000

i love jennifer's work + want to help her causes.

Thank you so much! We love hearing from you, so if you don’t hear back from us, that means we didn’t get your note so please send it again.We read every message and we do our best to respond as soon as possible. Generally, Team Jennifer works Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm Pacific US Time.

You can also support my causes by RT'ing my tweets + spreading the good word. Follow me here.

I've got homemade cookies for jennifer. Where can I send them?

While I'm grateful for your generosity, my home is pretty packed already. Handwritten cards, drawings, and notes are deeply appreciated and you can give them to me in person when I see you at your local convention, but I'm not able to accept physical gifts or products. Thanks for the thought!

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